Healthy Living

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Health is wealth, a popular saying every Nigerian know, but very few make real effort to keep their bodies and minds in good health. Now, not being sick is different from being healthy. Being healthy involves physical and mental balance, that is, effective functionality of every part of our bodies....

Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

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Bitter kola is a common and natural medicine that cures so many health issues and to a large extent, its widely beneficial to the entire nation. There's no doubt that bitter kola is one of the most highly recommended medicinal fruit for most people. But before going into the benefits let's get to know what...

How to Lose Weight - the Nigerian Way

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Weight gain or loss has become one of the most talked about issue in households, work place or any gathering. Granted, it’s not what people like to talk about openly but times arise when we engage in deep talk about gaining or losing weight. Its popularity also stems from wanting to eat everything one craves without gaining...

6 Harmful Effects of Alcohol Consumption

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Many Nigerians - both men and women - consume a sizeable volume of alcohol in the country. The colorless drink has become quite popular and wide in its circulation in the country, penetrating even the interior villages. It is consumed at weddings, funeral ceremonies and other social gatherings. While its users may have...

8 Health Benefits of Ginger

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Ginger was named by an English Botanist William Roscoe in the early 1800s. Ginger is grown as a root and can be consumed in drinks or in cooking. It can be used to make food spicy and even as a preservative. Ginger has been used in Asian, Arabic and Indian cultures as a herbal...

Natural remedies for pimples

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Pimples are small hard inflamed spots on the skin which occur due to the action of dirt, pollution, sweat and bacteria. They can also be caused by consumption of oily foods; they can be hereditary or even due to attainment of puberty and if you’ve ever had them, you’ll know that they can...

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